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Tango Card in a nutshell

We help companies send digital gift cards that reward, recognize, incentivize, and engage.

  • 60+ e-gift cards
  • non-profit donations
  • international e-gift cards
  • Our business solutions help your company send digital gift cards on demand, send rewards in bulk or integrate the e-gift cards in your app or platform with our API.
  • Choose from national and international retailer e-gift cards, non-profit donations and other reward products.
  • Build a scalable and customized rewards program specific to your company's needs. Our expert customer service will help you grow your program and solve your recipient’s concerns.
  • No fees. Use all your rewards budget on your rewards.

How do companies use our digital rewards?

Gift cards are among the most effective rewards. See great use cases below.

1. Customer Loyalty
2. Employee engagement
3. Referrals
4. Research and Panels
5. Payment disbursements
6. Wellness programs

1 Customer loyalty

Keep customers coming back to your app or platform with on-demand rewards and incentives.

2. Employee engagement

Send digital rewards to recognize employee accomplishments and motivate your sales team.

3. Referrals

Generate internal and external referrals by using digital gift cards as incentives.

4. Research and Panels

Increase survey and panel participation by giving out a digital gift card upon completion.

5. Payment disbursements

Streamline your rebate program and other disbursements with digital gift cards instead of costly checks.

6. Wellness programs

Reduce your health insurance costs by giving gift cards to motivate employees to engage in your wellness program.

Start rewarding with our business solutions

Helpful and easy to use technology for developers, managers and program administrators.

Use our developer friendly API to integrate and offer digital gift cards in your app or website.
Our simple and configurable rewards portal lets you send digital gift cards in minutes. No integration required.
The fastest way to send rewards in bulk. Send us your file, we will brand and email the rewards as a service for you.

Empower your recipients to choose how to spend your reward

Not sure which gift card the recipient prefers? Give a Tango Card.

  • The Tango Card is a unique digital product we created to ensure that the rewards you give don't go to waste.
  • The recipient redeems the Tango Card on our site for e-gift cards or non-profit donations of their choice.
  • The value of the Tango Card can be used in one gift card alone, split into multiple cards, or saved for later. There are no fees and it never expires.
  • We can configure the Tango Card redemption experience to use your brand and further enhance and impact the recipient's engagement.

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Companies ranging from startups to the most respected brands have placed their trust in Tango Card.

"Tango Card's instant digital delivery system improves a major pain point, and they also build our customer service team a tool to enable reps to resend rewards as needed." Tommy Pak, Bing Rewards
"The H&R Block refund bonus program delivers tremendous benefit to H&R Block's clients... Tango Card gave us the platform and scale to enable this added benefit for our clients." Jason Houseworth, President of Global Digital Tax Solutions

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